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Bee Happy + Healthy offers Pilates & Wellness Coaching to help you live the happy & healthy life you deserve...

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Staying in shape shouldn't take hours in the gym, and eating right doesn't need to be a science project. Founder & Coach Carmen Malouf Florek will help you strengthen your body, feed your mind with positivity, and fuel your body with the right nutrients.

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Guided 30 min sessions you can do at home.


Insights & recipe tips for healthy meals.


Learn to overcome physical & mental challenges.


Create an internal environment where you can thrive.

pilates mat work

Pilates mat work can be done at home without the need for expensive equipment. Our guided Pilates sessions strengthen the core & skeletal muscles building a strong foundation for the body. Checkout a few of these free workouts!

Legs & Planks

An efficient leg and plank workout - 5 minute session.
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Abs & Core

A brief ab & core workout - 5 minute session.
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Upper Body

An upper body strength workout - 5 minute session.
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Speedy Workout

A total body speed workout - 8 minute session.
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Results matter

Dedicating time to yourself is necessary to live a happy & healthy life. Take it from me, you are worth it!

We are all life coaches, even though we don’t know it. Helping others to overcome mental and physical challenges has been my passion for nearly two decades. I am here to tell you that you can achieve your goals, so let's start the journey together...

Carmen Malouf-Florek, certified pilates instructor

Founder, Coach, Mother & Wife

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